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kota best advertisement agency

Boost Your Education Business with Digital Marketing Solutions!* 🚀

Introducing Kotapride – Your Digital Identity

🎓 Are you a school, coaching institute, or educational organization looking to expand your reach and attract more customers?

💡 *We offer digital marketing services as per your needs:

1️⃣ SMS Marketing: Reach 10k potential customers with targeted SMS campaigns for just Rs 2100!

2️⃣ Voice Call Marketing: Engage your audience directly with voice call marketing for Rs 3100!

3️⃣ Online Classified Listings: Increase your online presence for an entire year with just Rs 2100!

4️⃣ Ignition Marketing Package: Comprehensive marketing solutions for one month at Rs 5999!

5️⃣ Smart Website Development: Get a professional website for Rs 6999/year to showcase your services!

6️⃣ Facebook & Instagram Marketing Package: Reach more customers with our social media marketing package at Rs 11,000/month! (Paid Charges Extra)

🌟 Branding Your Business:

  • Create a strong brand identity.
  • Communicate your values and mission.
  • Build positive relationships with customers.

📈 Let Kotapride help you increase your online visibility, website traffic, and brand awareness, leading to more sales and leads!

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your education business digitally! Contact us today! 🌟

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