5 Star Marketing Strategy

5 Star Marketing Strategy
Kotapride Special Five Star Promotional Strategy for
Branding Marketing in India or at Global level
Thank you to all customers for trusting in Kotapride sales
and Advertising paid promotional services.
Attract more customers & Sales
Five Star Digital media marketing for your Dream Businesses
Choose your packages as per your requirements

  1. Mobile marketing Campaigns .Bulk SMS & voice
    messaging on Mobile data as per customers Demand.
  2. Social Media Ads, Post and Pages Management
    ❖ Facebook
    ❖ Instagram
    ❖ LinkedIn Post
  3. Google Ads & Tools Marketing
    ❖ Ad words
    ❖ PPC
    ❖ Keywords Marketing
    ❖ Google my Business Paid Ads Campaigns
  4. Advance SEO & ISM
    ❖ Google & Other Search engine
    ❖ Marketing
    ❖ Website & App Booster
    ❖ Promotional Package
  5. Kotapride Web services KWS
    ❖ All Website Solutions
    ❖ Domain, Hosting Services
    ❖ SSL Web security Services
    ❖ Websites Smart Energy Development
    ❖ All E commerce Web Platforms
    ❖ Online Customized Softwares
    ❖ E Learning Websites
    What are the benefits of this package –
    ➢ Increasing Leads
    ➢ Grow Customers And Sales
    ➢ Online Visibility
    ➢ Website And App Promotion
    ➢ Branding Your Business
    Contact usContact us – www.kotapride.in
    Email- contact@kotapride.in
    Add – 621, Mukesh Plaza Complex, Dadabari Kota 324009 (Raj)

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