Vloggers Digital Marketing Strategy

Vloggers Digital Marketing Strategy
Rs 51000 For 3 Month
■ Creating Channel
■ View and subscribers
■ Key word optimization
■ Content optimization
■ Attractive and easy words
■ Magnetic Marketing strategy.
■ Extract promotional Contents of Videos
○ · Online Classified Listings on
www.kotapride.com , www.kotapride.in and
www.digiera.online for classified marketing
○ Listing on other online platforms and Social
Medias with classified contents of your Business
For Best Searching through Keywords and
● Online Searching On Google and Other Search
● Free Listing on www.kotapride.com (Best Local
Search Directory in India).
● Kota pride special OSM (Online Search Marketing),
CSM(Content Searching Marketing).
● Free Listing on www.digiera.online (Best Education
Search Directory in India).
● Free Listing on www.kotapride.in (Best Search
Directory in India).
● Marketing on Quora and Locanto sites.
● All Campaigns Contents will be Organic Based on
● High Traffic Volume
● Youtube SEO ( Search Engine Marketing )
● Virtual Marketing
● Youtube Monetization
Contact us – www.websoftcreation.com
Email- digitalkotapride@gmail.com
Add – 621, Mukesh Plaza Complex, Dadabari
Kota 324009 (Raj)

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