PM Narendra Modi’s address at the inauguration of the Nalanda University Campus in Rajgir, Bihar

Here are the top insights from PM Narendra Modi’s address at the inauguration of the Nalanda University Campus in Rajgir, Bihar

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My mission is that India become the center of education and knowledge for the world.
India should be recognized again as the world’s most prominent knowledge center: PM Narendra Modi


Children’s admission in ancient Nalanda was not done by their identity, their nationality. Every country, every class of youth came here. In this new campus of Nalanda University we need to re-strengthen the same ancient system.
Students have started coming here from many countries of the world. Students from more than 20 countries are studying here in Nalanda. This is such a beautiful symbol of the feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: PM Narendra Modi


Nalanda is an identity, an honor. Nalanda is a value, mantra, pride, saga.
Nalanda declares the truth that books may burn in flames but flames of flames cannot erase knowledge: PM Narendra Modi


It has been the goal of respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from the beginning to preserve the heritage with development.
Nalanda University has been ranked first worldwide in the category of residential universities in ancient times, which has always been considered as a sign of India’s developed education system and system.
Today Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has written a new chapter of connecting ancient and prosperous India with modernity by inaugurating the new campus of Nalanda University in Nalanda, Bihar. With the shared cooperation of India and East Asia Summit (EAS) countries, this reconstruction of the University of Nalanda is going to become the center of the study of language and culture of many countries.
@nalanda_univ will have a huge contribution to the expansion of Indian culture and fulfillment of developed India’s resolution on the global track.

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