Magnet Marketing Strategy

Magnet marketing
Rs.21,000 For 1 Month
· Promoting Your Website(S) and Brand Values
· Helping Your Business in Attracting
Customers Through Magnetic
· Strategy
· Promote and Advertise your Services and
Products on Internet
· OCM – Online Classified Marketing Through
Creative Contents and Keywords
o Social Media Marketing through
Platforms (Facebook, Youtube,
Linkedln, Instagram…)
· Creating Content for Social Media pages
· Generating Attracting Posts
· Promotion Through Paid Ads Campaign*
· Sharing On Different Groups
· Listing On Other Local Web Portals
· Promotion On A Click Using Mobile
· Review Marketing for Your Websites
Contact us –
Add – 621, Mukesh Plaza Complex, Dadabari
Kota 324009 (Raj)

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